Yarra City Council is working to reimagine security Victoria Street

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Victoria Street now faces challenges in relation to public safety, live ability, and often the result of drug-related activity. To solve this issue, the Yarra City Council are planning to launch The Reimagining Victoria Street Community Engagement Project in March 2017.

The Victoria Street is one of the major thoroughfares of inner Melbourne, running east-west for over 6 kilometres between Munster Terrace in North Melbourne and the Yarra River. The Yarra City Council focus on in-depth discussion with the community about improving public safety, live ability and prosperity in Victoria Street, Richmond and Abbotsford.

“The issues in Victoria Street are complex and entrenched. Addressing them will take a collaborative effort from the all levels of government, Victoria Police, health service providers and the community,” said Yarra City Council Mayor, Councillor Amanda Stone.

The Yarra Council will work with local residents, traders and other key stakeholders on creating a shared vision for the popular shopping and dining precinct.

“Council is well aware of the issues, but the residents and traders who live and work in the area every day have a unique and valuable perspective. Through their insight and ideas, we can start to form a new vision for Victoria Street,” said Amanda Stone.

The Yarra City Council are planning to gather residents’ experiences of living, working and visiting Victoria Street and the surrounding area from 6 February to 6 March 2017.

To enhance the road safety, the state government implemented a strategy which fund the installation of CCTV cameras on Victoria Street to support the police working.

The State Member for Richmond, Richard Wynne (Labor), the State Member for Richmond, told YR “An investment of $250,000 will establish the CCTV implementation in Richmond, and will include an expert CCTV consultant to help design the camera network and ensure the police have coverage where it needs it.”


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