Facebook chief executive would strengthen a global community


Mark Zuckerberg reported his quarterly results and gave an update on his progress connecting the world. Picture: Mark Zuckerberg posted on Facebook


Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg would improve community operations team to deal with dangerous situation on Facebook.

On Wed May 3, Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg in Facebook announced Facebook would add 3,000 people for “community operations team” around the world to help stopping hurt video, speech, children abuse and suicide case on the website.

4500 existing people in community operations team reviewed the millions of reports per week and respond quickly.

In April, the previous cases of suicide and murder through live broadcast on Facebook.

Steve Stephens, a suspect in the US, said he had killed 13 people and would find more victims in video post on Facebook.

In the same month, a 21-year-old man killed his daughter and suicide on Facebook live.

Mark Zuckerberg said their next attention is to build community.

“If we’re going to build a safe community, we need to respond quickly. We’re working to make these videos easier to report so we can take the right action sooner-whether that’s responding quickly when someone needs help or taking a post down,” said Mr Zuckerberg.

The community now has more than 1.9 billion people, about 1.3 billion people active every day.

“My hope is to help more than 1 billion people join very meaningful groups to strengthen our social fabric over the next few years,” he said.

These reviewers will help the community to eliminate injured events like hate speech and self-harm broadcast on Facebook.

SiJie, a resident of Massachusetts, said she appreciated Zuckerberg Facebook profile and his efforts to try to improve it, but she did not think waiting for someone to report a horror will not stop the event occurring.

In a post on Mark Zuckerberg Facebook, he said the company would make a new tools to manage the millions of content reports per week and keep the community safe.

“We’re going to make it simpler to report problems to us, faster for our reviewers to determine which posts violate our standards and easier for them to contact law enforcement if someone needs help. As these become available they should help make our community safer,” he said.

He added he would build a useful technology at F8 through the camera to become the “first mainstream augmented reality platform”.

“I’m excited to get virtual and augmented reality in more of your hands soon,” he said.

Amber, a student in Melbourne, said Facebook was a place connecting the whole world, it was difficult to prevent painful events and she would continue concern the improvement of community operations team.


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