Yarra City Council has raised the rainbow flag to help LGBTIQ Australians to marry

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Yarra City Council has further support Australian marriage equality and has promised to fly the rainbow flag at three town halls on 12 May until the Australian Marriage Act changing.

On 17 May, Darebin Councillors voted to fly the rainbow flag until marriage equality is law, it joined Surf Coast and Yarra Councils, who are also taking this stand.

Amanda Stone, a Yarra Mayor Councillor, said the Council was proud to stand together with the majority of Australians to strengthen marriage equality.

“Currently in Australia, people are being denied equal and fair treatment under the law due their sexuality or gender identity. There is no excuse for this kind of discrimination in 2017,” said Cr Stone.

1.jpegDonald Trump unfurled a large rainbow flag. Picture: CARLO ALLEGRI / REUTERS

Compared to the general population, LGBTI people are more likely to attempt suicide in their lifetime.

LGBTIQ people are twice as likely as the general population to experience poor mental health outcomes. This is directly related to experiences of stigma, prejudice, discrimination and abuse on the basis of being LGBTI,” said Cr Stone.


Source: National LGBTI Health Alliance

Same-sex marriage debate is a hot topic in Australia, it is still the only major English-speaking nation not to allow same-sex marriage anywhere in its borders.

“A community flag pole was recently installed at Richmond Town Hall, with flag poles due to be installed at Collingwood and Fitrzoy town halls this month. We will fly the rainbow flag at each of these locations until marriage equality is achieved,” Cr Stone said.


Protesters at a marriage equality rally outside Sydney Town Hall. Photo: AFP / Citizenside

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull is believed to have made assurances to his Coalition’s anti-LGBT wing that he would seek a public vote before any legislation on same-sex marriage, and the leader recently has required a quick vote in Parliament to resolve the issue.

He refuses to permit a free Parliamentary vote on equal marriage, “There should be a plebiscite on the issue first,” Malcolm Turnbull said.


Source: 2014, Crosby Textor, Australian Marriage Equality

Research conducted by Crosby Textor in 2014 found that 77% of Australians believe there should be a free vote on marriage equality.

“In addition, we will write to each member of Federal Parliament urging them to amend the Commonwealth Marriage Act. It’s time for the Federal Government to put politics aside and end the unjust exclusion of the LGBTIQ community from the right to marry,” Cr Stone said.


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